RAF Association Visit

As part of the RAF 100 celebrations the Dursley and South Gloucestershire Branch of RAFA attended 649 (Dursley) Squadron ATC on 4th April 2018 during their all round tour of Cadet Squadrons in a move similar to the ATC’s 75th torch relay. 

This was a planning evening for staff and NCO’s but they were never-the-less warmly welcomed to the Unit to have a photograph with both Organisations Standards in view.

Slightly less than 100 years old itself, RAFA was formed after the First World War.  Over the years it has assisted the welfare officers, employment officials and legal advisers appointed at National Headquarters and at local branch levels to support demobilised Air Personnel.

In recent times the Association has continued to be at the forefront of providing support to the RAF family. As well as continuing to help those who served in World War II, they have given assistance to vast numbers of Service personnel including veterans of the conflicts in Korea, The Falklands and The Middle East, and those affected by the ongoing campaign in Afghanistan.

Today, the RAF Association carries on its vital work with a membership of over 65,500 in 400 branches worldwide, making a huge difference to the lives of former servicemen and their families.