Aerospace Bristol Visit

On the 23rd of February eight cadets from 649 (Dursley) Squadron were invited to join 1446 (Clevedon) Squadron on a visit to Aerospace Bristol they had arranged.

Aerospace Bristol is home to a wide variety of aircraft from biplanes used during WWI, up to the last Concorde ever built. These aircraft were displayed with lots of information about the aircraft and how it helped shaped the aviation world, this allowed our cadets to learn a vast amount about the history of aviation from both Bristol but also the globally.

Cadet Robinson explained “Throughout the day there were many activities on offer, one of which was an interactive drone workshop where we got the opportunity to fly some of the drones. It was great fun! We also got the chance to have a go on flight simulator leading to a few bumpy landings yet despite this, all the cadets really enjoyed it.”

The cadets also went on board Concorde Alpha Foxtrot and got to see inside the cockpit as well as the cabin. Furthermore, as if going on Concorde wasn’t enough, they were lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet Captain Tim Orchard who piloted Concorde on her record-breaking transatlantic flight. Captain Orchard was very generous and signed pictures of Concorde, he also agreed to have a picture with the cadets in front of Concorde.

The cadets also enjoyed being able to see other aircraft and weapons used throughout the RAF’s one hundred years of service. Cdt Phillips said “It was amazing to see the advancement in technology displayed. We got to see biplanes used in World War One all the way through to more modern aircraft like the Harrier. The large amount of information displayed allowed us to learn the importance of the aircraft of world history.”

To conclude the day, everyone at the museum got to witness the Tornado farewell flypast consisting of three Tornados. This was a tour of the UK to say goodbye to the iconic aircraft before its retirement in March this year. Everyone was delighted to be able to see the flypast after such a great day.

-An account of the day by Cadet Robinson.