Success Clay Target Shooting

On the 18th of May, 8 cadets from 649 Squadron had the opportunity to go clay target shooting at Buckley Barracks.

The cadets each had 15 rounds to shoot on the day. Many of the cadets had previous experience in shooting so after a quick but thorough safety brief and demonstration on how to handle the shotgun, the cadets were allowed to start.

Over time, the accuracy certainly increased with hits on almost all targets. Those who had never shot before manged to score high as well. However, there was no clear “best shot”. After a quick stop for ice cream the cadets began the journey back home.

Corporal Harper-Coles said, “The shooting was very fun and a perfect demonstration of what we have on offer at the Air Training Corps.”

Corporal Farr described the day as “A fantastic opportunity for all of the cadets. It was a fun event; I hope everyone gets a chance to go!”

All of the cadets enjoyed the day and are eager to get another chance!

– An account by Cadet Robinson.